Why OdorXit Will Eliminate Odors!

OdorXit Concentrate:

The components that make up OdorXit Concentrate are created from plant extracts and generally fall into the “Essential Oils” category of chemicals. It is safe enough to drink but we don’t recommend it. OdorXit Concentrate mixed 30:1 is safe to use on your pets’ fur to remove skunk smell, your pets’ kennel to eliminate urine odor and it’s safe enough for your dog to be back in his kennel before it is dry.

OdorXit in it’s concentrated form may be a minor irritant when in comes in direct contact with the eyes as it has a minute amount of isopropyl alcohol in it. So it is not a toy and to be used as directed. For use to eliminate odors, water must always be added.

OdorXit Concentrate has nothing added as a perfume or fragrance. In general, even water based essential oils often have an odor. So it is with OdorXit Concentrate, but the odor is not strong or long lived and can be completely eliminated almost instantly after it has neutralized the odors it has come in contact with by misting a small amount of unscented ammonia mixed with water in the area where the OdorXit Concentrate was used.
OdorXit Concentrate includes no perfumes for the sake of added fragrance. OdorXit Concentrate eliminates odors!

How It Works:
OdorXit Concentrate uses Absorption, Bonding and Counteraction approach’s to solving odor problems. By definition OdorXit Concentrate is a contact chemistry. The OdorXit Concentrate solution must come in direct contact with the source of the odor and the source of the odor must be prone to react with the components of OdorXit Concentrate. OdorXit Concentrate eliminates odors!

That is exactly what OdorXit Concentrate does. When the Concentrate is mixed with water and applied to an odor source like urine residue (urea salt). The water acts as a catalyst to foster a reaction between components of OdorXit Concentrate and the urine residue. This is just like what water does with urine residue and hydrogen sulfide to make the very smelly mercaptin gas, the stuff that really stinks. In fact a very small amount of mercaptin gas is actually produced while the OdorXit Concentrate is working on other areas of the problem.
The reactions involving odor causing agents and OdorXit Concentrate are not easily reversible under any naturally occurring conditions, so the neutralization of the odor sources are for all intent and purposes permanent.