OdorXit is a very special mixture of water-soluble organic salts and oils that are designed to eliminate organic odors at their source, forever. To do this, OdorXit mixed with water must come in direct contact with the material that is causing the odor. This might be the oil excreted from scent glands or the oil encountered when fleshing-out a fish, urine or any number of other sources. The way OdorXit does its job is not as important as the fact that it really does its job well!

Because OdorXit is a mixture of very special organic water-soluble salts and oils, contains no enzymes or bacteria and is pH neutral, it is safe to use in Taxidermy on any hide, horn or skin. It does not require rinsing or special treatment after use. Because there is no perfume or covering scent, there will be no lingering odor of any kind.

Simply put, OdorXit is the best product available for eliminating organic source odors. There is nothing else like in the taxidermy market and it is 100% guaranteed to do what we say it will do or you will get all your money back with no hassles or delays. The fact is, once you try OdorXit for your Taxidermy projects, you will be ordering more!


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