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 16 oz Odorxit – Concentrate – Makes 4 gal

For Odor Elimination use OdorXit Concentrate for smells and odors of mold, mildew, feces, sweat in clothing, rotting food, vomit, urine (dog, cat, human), skunk spray, pet scent markings, garbage, fish, beer, dead animals and Taxidermy.

For applications in or on walls, furniture, hardwood floors, vinyl, cement, carpet, title, clothing, leather, homes, boats, RV’s, kennels, catteries, litter boxes, rest rooms and many other areas where smells or odors exist.

OdorXit Concentrate neutralizes the source of the odor and can be safely sprayed on color fast fabric, carpet, concrete, coolers, cabinetry, dirt, drywall, furniture, leather, plaster, plastic, refrigerators, pet fur and wood.

Designed for permanent odor elimination that will not be re-ocurring. If area becomes contaminated again, you may re-apply. Can be mixed in spray bottle, carpet cleaning machines or as laundry additive.

Just add water. Makes Four Gallons.

OdorXit® Concentrate uses a combination of counteraction (neutralization), bonding and absorption. This technology permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact. OdorXit® Concentrate is a “Contact Chemistry”. That means it only works when it comes in direct contact with the odor source.

Is non staining, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

There are several exclusions that Odorxit does not work on: including fire smoke, tobacco smoke, wet dog smell, urine in carpet padding and extreme contamination cases on wood and wall materials.

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