100% OdorXit Guarantee for Concentrate or Spray

If you are having a problem solving your odor issues with OdorXit and want your money refunded –

Please follow this 2 step procedure:

  • To achieve the best results from OdorXit products you must follow the detailed instructions enclosed with your purchase. You can also find odor specific instructions on our website.                           
  • We’d like the opportunity to discuss your odor problem with you before you finish the entire bottle of OdorXit product. Call 425-319-3706. Our odor elimination experts will work with you to make any changes necessary in your application technique to ensure a successful outcome. If you get the answering service, leave your name, phone number and a time when it is convenient for us to reach you and we will call you back. Or email us at:


  • We ask that you attempt to call us for a recommended solution prior to receiving your full refund.
  • If you are still not successful after these 2 simple steps, we will promptly refund your money including all shipping and handling expenses.

There are several exclusions, OdorXit does not work on: fire smoke, tobacco smoke, wet dog smell, urine in carpet padding and extreme contamination cases on wood and wall materials.

 Returning a product that did not work for the OdorXit Guarantee:

  • All products most be returned within 30 days or contact us within the 30 day period!
  • Call 425-319-3706 or email odorhalt@comcast.net for authorization.

   Mail to:   E-Com Sales

                     Kathy Chapman

                     PO Box 1471

                     Lake Stevens WA 98258