Fishing and Boat Odors


Spray Odorxit on your fishing boat’s deck, coolers, cushions, clothing, hands or anywhere to eliminate fishing boat odor!

Eliminates really tough fishing boat odors and bait odors.

Doesn’t leave behind any odors, unlike other products that only mask the smell temporarily.

Adds great value to your boat by destroying that fish smell and enticing new customers or buyers.

In a field usage study conducted by “The North American Fisherman Magazine” with over 600 fishermen actually using OdorXit for Fishing Boat odors (a ready to use version of OdorXit Concentrate) on their hands to remove fishy odors. All but 2 of the participants gave OdorXit top ratings.

OdorXit Concentrate will eliminate fish and bait odors on your hands, clothing, coolers, boats, etc. forever or until you go fishing again!