Dog, Cat, Ferret, Spray Markings, Body Odor, and Urine Problems 

OdorXit products are both safe and effective. They contain no enzymes, bacteria or dangerous solvents. They are safe to use around all pets and children to remove Dog and Cat odor.

ODORXIT MAGIC (Pet Spray and Urine)

Recommended for areas that will be re-infected by Dog and Cat odor. OdorXit Magic absorbs the gases (odors) coming from animal urine and spray. This process continues for 2 to 12 weeks depending on the amount of odor being produced, the amount of sun shining on the area and how much product was applied. Can be applied to sides of litter boxes, furniture, cars, carpet, walls and animal beds for pet urine odor removal.

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Odorxit Concentrate –  a Permanent Solution for Urine

OdorXit Concentrate neutralizes the odor-causing residue so that the urine residue no longer produces the Dog and Cat odors. This Concentrate must come in direct contact with the entire cat urine or scent residue to eliminate all of the odor. Odors caused by cat urine in carpets, hardwood flooring, wood, sub-flooring, concrete, dirt, gravel, fabric, clothing, upholstery and most other surfaces are effectively and permanently removed also.

Cat Box Odor: We at OdorHalt would like to offer a solution that is both safe and effective. Instead of trying to digest the odor causing urine byproducts, OdorXit neutralizes these materials rendering them incapable of producing the ammonia and mercaptan gases that are so objectionable. Use our Concentrate under the cat litter and spray our Magic around the sides. 

Mix up a 16 ounce trigger spray bottle of OdorXit Concentrate using 1 ounce of Concentrate to 15 ounces of water. Now spray the marked areas with two to four pumps of the product and let it dry naturally. These scent marks often take two to five applications over as many days to remove the entire odor.

OdorXit will not work on pet urine that has absorbed in Carpet Pad!

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Dog Body Odor

Odorxit Magic can be used in your Dog bath to subdue odors for weeks at a time.

Odorxit Magic can also be used for Dog body odor on furniture and carpets.

As you have probably already found out, wet dog smell odor can not be easily removed from furniture and carpet. Again, OdorXit Magic does not remove the odors source from the carpet or furniture but it will absorb the odor quite effectively for weeks at a time. Just spray OdorXit Magic onto the furniture, carpet or bedding with the mist spray pump included with the 8 ounce bottle. 2 to 5 pumps per square foot of fabric, leather or carpet will control the odor for weeks at which point it will need to be re-applied.


Note: Read all enclosed material for directions/ also available on this website