Remove Bathroom Odor: Urine, Mold and Mildew


Bathroom Odor Control

Never again worry about bathroom odors. With OdorXit Magic on the job getting rid of nasty odors in bathrooms, public toilets, airplane toilets, RV toilets, boat heads, portable toilets and hotel rooms are just a spray away. OdorXit Magic’s gas absorption technology completely eliminates urine, feces and flatulence bathroom odor in just seconds.

To prevent bathroom odors from occurring: Spray 1 to 3 pumps of OdorXit Magic with the included mist sprayer right into the toilet and on the bottom of the seat just before use. OdorXit Magic will absorb even the worst bathroom odors.

To eliminate bathroom odors in public toilet areas: Spray 2 or 3 pumps of OdorXit Magic into the area and wait 5 or 10 seconds (for the mist to settle) and enter an odor free area.


Bathroom Spillage Odor Control

Using OdorXit Concentrate for eliminating urine odors in bathrooms is a common and effective application. The question is where to use it and how strong should the solution be? It depends on what the area around the toilet is made of and covered with.

If the area around the toilet is all ceramic tile, wash the area with spray cleaner and spray with OdorXit solution mixed 1 part Concentrate and 30 parts water, making sure that all the grout is wetted as well as the tile and the toilet. Make sure you get the area under the tank.

If the floor is covered with removable/washable bathroom carpet, wash the carpet with the normal amount of detergent and no bleach. Add 2 or 3 caps full of OdorXit Concentrate and wash normally. If possible, stop the washing machine at the end of the first wash cycle and before the spin cycle to allow the carpet to soak for 15 to 60 minutes. Then allow the wash cycle to complete normally. The bathroom odor will be gone.